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The White Fairytale & The Black Joke

20 August - 6 September 2015, London

Hardy Tree Gallery are pleased to present THE WHITE FAIRYTAILE & THE BLACK JOCKE, an exhibition of new works by Jaime Eastwood and Megumi Homma. The exhibition explores the ways the framework for the capitalist system revolves around & dream world and makes a clear point that there are major flams in this design.


Painting of ’Immigration, tourism and business’ as used as symbol for the transportation of people from one side of the world to another. Transportation is seen to from a major aspect of international capitalism and is the equivalent of ‘‘ The White Fairytale.’’ White snow scenery is depicted, with the white snow representative of a dreamy real world in stark contrast to the materialistic world made from our international capitalist system.


The psychology of the human with this transportation model has created excitement and also deep fear. Many non- eu citizens arriving in the UK to live, are now required to follow though many sets of criteria set out by the government. This form of bureaucracy has left many living through a Kaftesqe nightmare. As Megumi Homma and Jaime Eastwood wish to be together their deep existential angst felt thorough their troubling issues with the bureaucracy underlying the conditions under which an agreement can be made.


THE WHITE FAIRYTAILE & THE BLACK JOCKE addresses the pleasures that can be held from capitalism with the bureaucracy and offers either a utopia or dystopian outlook.


Ultimately it is up to the viewer to decide.


Gallery Hours: 12pm – 7pm

Admission Free

20 August - 6 September 2015

Hardy Tree Gallery, 119 Pancras Road London, UK, NW1 1U

Hardy Tree Gallery