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‘Always fresh, always beautiful’ Sogetsu  Ikebana Demonstration

5 October 2010, London

Japanese flower arranging demonstration by Mrs Yoshie Nagahori, Mrs Noriko Horita and Mrs Keiko Miyazaki of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana.


There will also be marimba music, traditional Japanese dancing, a sales table of ikebana related items and a raffle.

Times:Monday 12 April 2010 6pm-7.30pm AND Tuesday 13 April 2010 12pm-4pm.


Entrance fee: Members : £3.-
Non-members : £10.-

Tuesday 5th October 2010 - Doors open 11.30am  

The Brompton Oratory Church Hall

Brompton Road, SW7 2RP

Ikebana International London Chapter 6