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The Library at Japan House : HABA Yoshitaka

22 June - 17 Sept 2018, London

The Library at Japan House offers a new approach to appreciate and engage with books, by the way books are displayed, and through bookshelf exhibitions curated by HABA Yoshitaka of BACH. A book specialist in Japan, Haba is revolutionizing the way books are displayed and curated and has helped bookstores in Japan successfully champion paper books in the digital era.


One aspect of the Japan House Library is the changing programme of book displays throughout the year. The first looks at Japan’s natural world and features original photographs by leading Japanese photographer SUZUKI Risaku. Look out for the way that Haba presents books old and new, displayed alongside paintings, novels, poetry and photograph albums.



HABA Yoshitaka

Haba Yoshitaka is a Book Director and representative of BACH, as well as an associate lecturer at Waseda University and Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. In order to create opportunities for people to have greater access to books and pick up unknown books, Haba produces shop floors, library displays and reading areas that connect book stores and different industries.


His recent works include Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto (a venue that comprises a school, library, gallery and co-working space), ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur and Japan House São Paulo. Haba is a book connoisseur, his love of books goes beyond book curation to include writing and editing.


Admission Free

22 June - 17 September 2018

Japan House, 101-111 Kensington High Street, London W8 5SA

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