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Display: Shishiodoshi by HARA Kenya

10 November - 24 December 2018, London

See the mesmerising 'Shishiodoshi' by HARA Kenya at Japan House London. The piece is a re-imagining of a water feature, shishiodoshi, typically found in a Japanese garden, consisting of a hollow bamboo tube which fills with water, and then moves to empty. As it returns to its original position, it hits the rock beneath it, making a sharp noise. The cycle is repeated and the circulation of water thus creates a rhythm. In this display, a glass tube strikes a metal plate, creating sounds that cause vibrations in the air and water.


"I drew various aspects of circulating water on the surface of the paper.
Water passing through cells and travelling inside our bodies;
Water flowing through a man-made town;
Water running down mountains and forming rivers."
– Hara Kenya


About Hara Kenya:

Chief Creative Director for the Japan House project, eminent designer Hara Kenya is also President of Nippon Design Center, Professor at Tokyo's Musashino Art University and Art Director of MUJI. In the UK, Hara’s work has been exhibited in London at the Design Museum, the Science Museum and The Wellcome Collection. He has also authored books including 'Designing Design' and 'White'.


Admission Free

10 November - 24 December 2018

Japan House, 101-111 Kensington High Street, London W8 5SA

Japan House London