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Yuko Nasaka and Kim Lim Exhibition at Sotheby’s S|2 Gallery – A Private View with Deputy Director Bianca Chu

22 September 2017, London

In addition to already well-known figures such as Yayoi Kusama and Yoko Ono, a number of other Japanese women artists from the same generation have been “rediscovered” in the past decade. Yuko Nasaka was one of the first and few women to be invited by leader Jiro Yoshihara to join the Gutai art group in 1963. Though she has exhibited widely in Japan since then, her work is rarely seen in exhibitions outside her home country. The presentation of her work at Sothesby’s S|2 Gallery in London is her first exhibition in Britain


Japan Society members are invited to a special viewing of this exhibition led by Bianca Chu, Deputy Director of Sothesby’s S|2 Gallery, who will give a brief insight of the works and career of Nasaka and contextualise the exhibition within the field of Post-war Japanese Art. The tour will also include a viewing of the exhibition by Singaporean-British sculptor and printmaker Kim Lim, who is best known for her exploration of form through balanced wood structures and detailed stone-carved sculptures.


Following the tour of the exhibition, light refreshment with tea, coffee and pastries will be served.


Members of the Japan Society only
Free – booking essential

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Booking deadline: Wednesday 20 September 2017
Place are limited so early booking is recommended

22 September 2017

S|2 Gallery, 31 St. George Street, London W1S 2FJ

Tel: 020 3075 1996


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