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Junko O’Neill : Fragments of Time : A solo exhibition of art, inspired by the Japanese space/ time concept of ‘Ma’

19 - 24 March 2013, London

Please join us for a series of events complementing the exhibition, including the Private View, a Panel Discussion on ‘Ma’ with a music performance, origami folding for families, calligraphy workshop and artist talks.  Details to be annoucned here :



The Japanese artist, Junko O’Neill, presents a thought-provoking and comprehensive body of work with her first solo exhibition in London. Figurative and abstract paintings as well as 3D pieces are all inspired by the space/time concept of ‘Ma’, which is unique to Japanese culture. The concept considers space as fundamentally void: only space itself is deemed to be eternal and everything that fills the space is of a transient nature. O’Neill also sources ideas for her works from Japanese literature such as Haruki Murakami’s novels. She finds these novels and her work share the same sense of time passing within the space.


The exhibition is complemented by a series of diverse public programme events to take place at the gallery


Public Programme events, RSVP info@junkooneill.com


20 March 2013 6.30 - 9.30 PM Private View
21 March 2013 7- 9.30 PM Panel Discussion around the concept ‘Ma’ in different art forms & every day life, and music interlude by Robin Thompson from the Okeanos Ensemble
23 March 2013 
11.30 AM  - 1 PM Walk-in origami folding for families
2.30 – 4 PM Introduction to Calligraphy, a workshop for adults, with Sachiko Mason, £5

Artist talk by Junko O’Neill 22 March 2013 4.30 PM / 24 March 2013 2 PM  

The exhibition opening hours:
Tue - Fri 11am - 8pm, Sat 11am - 6pm, Sun 12pm - 5pm


Admission to the exhibition and events is FREE, except calligraphy workshop
More details at http://www.junkooneill.com/#!untitled/masterpage_16


Image caption: ‘Dissolved’, 2011, oil on canvas, 46 x 92 cm

19 - 24 March 2013

GV Art Gallery, 49 Chiltern Street, London W1U6LY


Tel: 07733 422892