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Mark-ing JP/UK Design Exhibition

10 - 25 January 2013, London

Mark-ing explores the subtle differences and parallels between British and Japanese culture by presenting new work by contemporary designers alongside the ordinary objects that have influenced their careers. Through these objects the show highlights social, educational and cultural differences and shared ideas while also examining the global relationships that connect contemporary designers across the world.

First exhibited during Japan’s annual design festival, DesignTide Tokyo in 2011, the British Council and E&Y now present an updated version of Mark-ing at Gallery Libby Sellers from 10 - 25 January 2013.

Conceived by Tsuyoshi Matsuzawa and co-curated with Max Fraser, the exhibition discovers the diversity of designers’ world-views.

Participating designers:
            <UK>             Moritz Waldemeyer       
                                    Ismini Samanidou         
                                    Paul Cocksedge
                                    Max Lamb                    
                                    Geoffrey Mann 
                                    Helen Amy Murray       
                                    Hannah Martin  
                                    Benjamin Hubert           

            <Japan>        Makoto Orisaki     
                                    Kouichi Okamoto  
                                    Jo Nagasaka  
                                    Ryuji Nakamura
                                    Risa Fukui
                                    Koichi Futatsumata
                                    Yuri Suzuki 

                                    Maiko Kurogouchi


admission Free

10 - 25 January 2013
Gallery Libby Sellers, 41-42 Berners Street, London W1T 3NB 

British Council and E&Y