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“CREATION  Exhibition”  Japanese Armour “MIYAKO YOROI”

1 - 6 October 2013, London

We have been offering “Miyako Yoroi” as a modern Japanese armour making, which Kyoto’s traditional crafts of braided cords (Kyo-kumihimo), fringed thread (Kyo-fusahimo) and metal fittings (Kyo-kanamono) are incorporated in, and the elegant aesthetic weaving craftwork in Heian dynasty era (894-1191) called “Odoshi irome” is decorated on it. We, in our workshop, aim to widely disseminate colors and elegance of “Miyako Yoroi” through exhibitions. And especially this time, collaboration works of Kyoto’s traditional handicrafts involved by many artisans, and armours of the Heian dynasty era have been showcased in an exhibition. The armors were produced based on the armours excavated from remains of a temple called Houjyu-ji-den, adjacent to the Sanjyusangendo, Kyoto thirty years ago, first time in more than eight hundred years. Taking this opportunity, we’d like more people to learn the depth and excellence of Kyoto’s arts and crafts.

Admission Free

1 - 6 October 2013

Japanese Gallery, 66D Kensington Church Street, London W8 4BY United Kingdom