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one taste: (n)ever-changing

24 March - 12 May 2010, London

24 March – 12 May 2010 (excluding Bank Holidays)
Admission free, Monday – Friday, 9.30am-5.00pm

Same Differences: Non-Duality and the Serial
Admission free, booking essential
Wednesday 21 April, 3pm-5pm

Photographer David Williams will give an illustrated presentation exploring the theme of Non-Duality with reference toone taste: (n)ever-changing, his body of work made at a varietyof Buddhist temple sites in Kyoto (2003-2007).


Over recent years, photographer David Williams has established growing links with Japan, intermittently producing a variety of projects there, most notably the extended body of work one taste: (n)ever-changing (2003-2007). This project explores the theme of Non-Duality and was undertaken at a number of Buddhist temple sites in Kyoto.

“The work on show at the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation is from the series, one taste: (n)ever changing and reflects my ongoing interest in Non-Duality (‘oneness’) within the context of contemporary visual art practice. In this respect, seriality plays a pivotal role as a means of presentation, questioning dualistic, inter-related notions of time, space and self. To some extent, the images on display can be seen, in their repetition, to represent forms of visual ‘mantra’ and owe something by way of their changing/neverchanging
presentation to their aural counterpart, serial music.

24 March - 12 May 2010

Talk is on 21 April, 3pm - 5pm

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