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New WEA (Workers Educational Association) course: Japanese Art - the Traditional and the Contemporary

4 October 2010, London

Examining cultural characteristics and social history, this course explores Japanese art from ancient to modern times. Varied approaches to the subject will include guest speakers and gallery visits.


Tutor:Kiyoko Mitsuyama-Wdowiak
Start Date: 4 October 2010
Day: Monday
Course Times: 14:00 – 16:00
Number of Sessions: 20
Venue: Daiwa Foundation Japan House, 13/14 Cornwall Terrace, London, NW1 4QP


Course Aim:
The aim of this course is to present and discuss Japanese artworks and movements from ancient times to the present using historical, socio-political, cultural and aesthetic contexts. In addition, some aspects of the country's culture and people's way of life will be introduced. How the artworks have been appreciated and how they have functioned will also be considered.

Course Programme:
The course will be divided into art historical periods, and sessions will discuss the major artistic characteristics of each period.   In the autumn term we will look at Japanese art from ancient times to the 16th century – how it absorbed Chinese culture and created its own aesthetic traditions. In the spring term we will trace the development of Japanese art from the Edo period up to the present day.

Entry Requirements:
This is an introductory course. Specific knowledge and qualifications are not required.

For registration:


course Fee: £150.00


Start 4 October 2010

Daiwa Foundation Japan House, 13/14 Cornwall Terrace, London NW1 4QP UK

Tel: 020 7426 1950

Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation