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My Mamezara

7 - 31 August 2015, London

'My Mamezara' Fair at wagumi, OXO Tower
In London's hot summer, or not so hot summer, why not take a holiday on the Thames to discover the essence of Japanese tableware at design shop wagumi in OXO Tower?


Please enjoy a brief vacation this summer at wagumi.
Small plates, crafted and beautiful in every dimension, mamezara can be used for anything from post-yoga sushi rests to bbq dips on a summer's day. From the days of the samurai, in Japan a miniature format could contain big ideas in design. Mamezara are an expression of this, and on the ancient warrior's dinner table would contain sashimi, salt, soy sauce and many mini-tastes of the day.  The small canvas very often home to the artisan maker's signature motif.

From 7 August, wagumi will host a collection of over a hundred designs, all exclusive from the potters of Arita who will celebrate their 400th anniversary in 2016.  A pick and mix selection for you to find 'my mamezara.' With mamezara, small plates can spread across your table like the shells on the beach you might have visited.


Mamezara are functional, and fun.
With almost 400 hundred years of tradition in porcelain manufacturer the potters of Arita in Kyushu are known in particular for their mamezara.  The stone in the region, and the techniques at their kilns lead to a finish which is pure white and strong.  And an ideal canvas for ideas. Mamezara can be used for condiments, pickles, sauces, dips, sushi, ornaments… or almost anything decretive or edible, or indeed decretive and edible.


About wagumi
wagumi is a design shop based in London's OXO Tower.  Owned and produced by Lives Inc from Japan, it aims to introduce the best in Japanese design and crafts to overseas markets - and in so doing assist small producers, bring new life to traditional aesthetics, and support fresh ideas in design.



For more information about 'my mamezara' or wagumi please contact Ryoko Mutasono at wagumi  / +44(0)20 7928 1427

7 - 31 August 2015. 11am-6pm

Wagumi, Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, Lodnon SE1 9PH

Tel: 020 7928 1427