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“Yet I Still Dare To Hope” Photo Exhibition

18 September 2011, London

After a successful stint at Hyper Japan this past July, Yet I Still Dare to Hope - an exceptionally thought provoking exhibition focusing on the lives of survivors of the Japan tsunami will be showcased at the Japan Matsuri  on  18th  September. It explores how 14 families in the north-eastern Japanese town of Shichigahama, one of the areas hit hardest by the 11th March Tsunami, are rebuilding their lives after the destruction, through an intimate collection of photographs taken by local resident Christina Aiton.


Still photography accompanied by narratives from each survivor and featuring items from the disaster-hit area is used in order to convey the terrifying truth of humankind's fragile existence, while exploring the subject of hope as the community begins the process of rebuilding their lives from the tragedy.


Visitors to the Yet I Still Dare to Hope exhibition will also be able to leave messages of support that will be shared directly with the townspeople, encouraging those that have been directly affected and letting them know that they are not alone in the face of such a difficult time. There will also be ample opportunity to donate and purchase charity goods for the benefit of the residents of Shichigahama and Miyagi Prefecture.


We also warmly encourage everyone to join in our 'Senbazuru' project. In Japanese culture, it is widely believed that folding 1000 paper origami cranes makes a wish come true. This initiative has been made possible for the first time at The Japan Matsuri, where traditional arts and crafts stalls will teach you how to make paper cranes, which you can in turn donate, if you wish.


"This exhibition offers a unique insight into the lives of 14 normal people from a small Japanese town, offering a chance for people living in the UK to get to know these people who were living a modest life until their lives were turned upside down. This exhibit is not about sorrow, but about hope. It’s about rebuilding. It’s about the future.”


Angus Miyaji –Seven Beach Aid

18 September 2011 11am - 6pm

County Hall, Riverside Building, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7PB

7-Beach Tsunami Aid