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Hausu @ Asylum, Peckham

1 September 2013, London

The Caroline Gardens Chapel, Peckham's former asylum turned art space, hosts a night of weird horror on the big screen. Shown in the main chamber of this beautiful space with many of the original Victorian features intact, we'll be showing the films as the night draws in and the light from the stained glass dies. So what are we showing?


Certifiably odd, this brilliant, overlooked film is like a live action episode of Scooby Doo but with special effects by Kenneth Anger. Amazing avant-garde visuals, Japanese school girls run amok, a cannibal piano, homicidal kittens and bizarre songs are all to be found in this haunted house. A bubblegum teen fantasy that is aglow with a never ending phatasmagoria, Hausu is an hysterical trip never to be forgotten!


 Japan 1977 • Directed by Obayashi Nobuhiko • Running time 88 mins • Cert 15


Screening with Haxan from Denmark. Special double bill rate available.


Admission: £6.00

1 September 2013
Asylum, London, Asylum, Asylum Road, London SE15 2SQ
Nobody Ordered Wolves