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Intangible legacies: ‘Fukushima 2011-2015’ 

16 June 2016, Glasgow

Japan Desk Scotland’s fourth documentary on the environmental radiation in Fukushima, will be shown. JDS has followed a group of Fukushima University scientists who made immediately after the accident a radiation map of Fukushima, although they were not specialists on this.  Fukushima University wasn’t teaching nuclear-related issues at the time of accident, but it now has the Institute of Environmental Radioactivity.  At the Institute there are several scientists who have studied the Chernobyl accident of 26 April 1996. How is environmental radiation in Fukushima, compared with Chernobyl?


Free and open to the public.


This is a part of the three-day event, ‘Intangible legacies’, with the screening of JDS’s seven documentaries.


This will be co-organised  by Glasgow University Chaplaincy and JDS.


This will be a part of the West End Festival.

16 June 2016, 5.30pm

Interfaith Room, Glasgow University Chaplaincy, West Quadrangle, Glasgow University, University Avenue, Glasgow, G12 8QQ
Japan Desk Scotland