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The Catcher on the Shore 䤮

31January 2015, London

** The Catcher on the Shore **
 * The film was directed by 14-year old Ryugo Nakamura *


In Okinawa there is a tradition of eating goat.
This tradition has been in decline in urban areas but goats are still kept in various places. Nowadays, they are seen more as pets, rather than food.

This film is set in Yanbaru, a forested area in the north of Okinawa island.
A goat that had been raised for human consumption managed to run away unexpectly.
This film, at times humorous and at times serious, portrays the growth of a boy through learning about the importance of food.


This film is showing as follows:
Title: The Catcher on the Shore  (with English subtitles)
Date: 31st January 2015 / doors open at 13:15 - the film starts at 13:30
Venue: Nippon Club, 6 Saint Alban's Street, London, SW1Y 4SQ

Entry fee: £3 per person

Bookings by email to:
(When making your booking, please send us your name, contact number and the total number of participants.)

31 January 2015, doors open at 13:15 the film starts at 13:30

Nippon Club, 6 Saint Alban's Street, London, SW1Y 4SQ

London Okinawa Sanshinkai, Okinawa Associaion U.K., Okinawa Day Committee