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Ciné Illuminé presents "Orochi"

2 September 2012, London

Ciné Illuminé 2nd September 2012: Orochi                 

Orochi is a 1925 black and white Japanese silent samurai epic directed by Buntaro Futagawa. This is the most popular and beloved film with Japan’s most prominent actor of the era Tsumasaburo Bando, featuring the star at the height of his fame, and is hailed as a “cornerstone” of Japanese cinema.
There will be traditional Tsugaru Shamisen (Traditional Japanese Stringed instrument) accompaniment by Hibiki Khikawa and live benshi by Kyoko Morita.


Hibiki Ichikawa
Hibiki was born in Kanazawa, Japan. After building up a reputation as performer and teacher he moved to London in 2010, to introduce Tsugaru Shamisen to an international audience.
He has been performing at number of events and concerts such as WOMAD (2010) and JAPAN MATSURI (2010/2011) in UK and his performances always attract large audiences.


Kyoko Morita
Japanese born Kyoko is a versatile LAMDA trained actress, who has appeared in many feature films, West End productions and television productions. During the screening she will take on the role of the benshi, and stand to the side of the movie screen to introduce and relate the story to the audience.
Stemming from the traditions of kabuki and Noh theatres, the benshi's narration and general commentary were an important part of the Japanese silent film experience. There will be English subtitles.


There will be a Japanese food menu available, and Japanese influenced cocktails.
About Ciné Illuminé :
Ciné Illuminé is a Silent Movie extravaganza, resurrecting the movie experience from an era gone by.


One Sunday per the month "Ciné Illuminé" is proud to host a cinematic soirée par excellence at Volupté Lounge! From the moment you walk into the door we will take you back to the golden age of silent film when Georges Meliès, The Lumière Brothers, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks were the celebrities of their time.

The lounge will be transformed into and old style cinema theatre with table as well as regular seating. Each screening is accompanied by a special selected program of live music, and all staff are dressed according to the period and theme of the movie. Our usherettes will be at your beck and call to serve you popcorn, cornetto’s or a bite to eat of the snack menu. To really get you in the mood there will also be a specially designed vintage cocktail menu, based round each screening with cocktails from the (pre-) prohibition era.

There will be varied programming including the blockbusters, forgotten gems as well as screenings themed around an influential actor or director of the genre. To keep up with the program, please visit our Facebook event page (


Admission: £7 reservations, £10 on the door

2 September 2012

Volupte, 7-9 Norwich Street EC4A 1EJ

Ciné Illuminé