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The International Defence Rugby Competition

8 - 29 October 2015, Various in the UK

Running throughout October alongside the Rugby World Cup, the International Defence Rugby Competition (IDRC) will pit 12 teams of battle-hardened soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines against each other to determine the greatest Armed Forces rugby team on the planet.

The teams are: Australia, British Army , Canada, Fiji, France, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, South Africa, Tonga.

The Japanese team is from MOD and Self Defence Forces (Japan Ground Self-Defence Force, Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force, Japan Self-Defence Force).  Japan face New Zealand in their first match on 8 October.

Round 1 is free, at United Services Sports Ground  (Burnaby Road, Portsmouth).

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 Round 1 - 8th October
 Japan v New Zealand - KO 15:00
 Round 2 - 12th October
 Japan v Fiji - KO 15:00


 Round 3 - 15th October
 Royal Navy v Japan - KO 19:00

8 - 29 October 2015

Various in the UK

IDRC(International Rugby Competition) :

IDRC(International Rugby Competition)