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Japanese Reflections on the History of Sport

8 September 2010


Sport is a global language. As an academic sub-discipline, the history of sport has become increasingly international. It had its origins in Britain and North America and embraces much of the Western world.


An emerging nation in this field has been Japan. This unique symposium brings together new research from scholars from Japan who are working on the history of sport both in Britain and Japan. This new work is mainly concerned with how, since the late nineteenth century, the Western sporting model has been adapted and acculturated within Japanese society. It explores issues such the body in Japanese society, the role of the military, the media, amateurism and gender.


The symposium is the latest collaboration between historians in Japan and De Montfort University’s International Centre for Sport History and Culture, which aims to foster closer cultural links between the UK and Japan. It is intended to extend these links with further events. The symposium also opportunities for people with an interest in the history of sport and the history of Japan more generally.


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8 September 2010

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