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AJSW Classical Music Concert Series-Bristol


15 October 2010, Bristol

Akiko Ishikawa

Part of the continuing AJSW classical music concert series promoting and supporting Japanese musicians drawn from a variety of environments be they professional, students, visiting or home based.




1. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN     Shakuhachi solo

2. Melody of ROKUDAN       Ensemble of Koto, Shamisen and Shakuhachi

3. HANAKAGE                    Same as above

4. HONKYOKU                   Shakuhachi solo

5. CHIRODI                        Ensemble of Koto, Shamisen and Shakuhachi

6. Folk tunes of England     Shakuhachi solo

7. SAKURA                       Duo of Koto

8. HARU NO UMI ( Sketch of the sea in Spring )   Duo of Koto and Shakuhachi


Michiko Hisamatsu(MS) and YOMO NO KAI


Was born at Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan and began her Koto career at 6 years old and organized her own Koto group “ YOMO NO KAI” in 1965. Now the YOMO NO KAI has about 30 members. “YOMO NO KAI” means “group from all directions “ in Japanese and it represents Ms. Hisamatsu’s principle to enjoy Koto music altogether.

Ms. Hisamatsu and YOMO NO KAI give an annual concert once a year in springtime and also play at the local cultural festival every autumn. Apart from those two main concerts, they visit the old citizen’s houses and the home for the handicapped to play Koto throughout the year.

Ms. Hisamatsu travels abroad for concert tours with her pupils and friends many times. That is to say England in 2002, Finland in 2003, Germany in 2004, Russia in 2005, Portugal in 2006, and Romania in 2007.


In 2008, she played at 50th anniversary event of the Dutch-Japanese Association at Leiden in Netherlands and received a good reception.


Admission: Free

15 October 2010 from 1:25 to 2:00pm

John Wesley’s Chapel – The New Room

36 The Horsefair, Bristol  BS1  3JE
Tel: (0117) 9264740

Tel:020 7237 4445


Anglo-Japanese Society of Wessex