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Aomori, Aomori: Climate, Body and Soul

6 - 25 May 2013, Cardiff

An international collaboration between Welsh choreographer Sioned Huws and artists from Aomori, Japan developed from the Tsugaru music and dance of north Japan.

Aomori is a place, climate is emotive, the body is alive, souls blossom. Aomori is both an actual and metaphorical place; a place of possibility, believing in wishes, hopes, dreams and desires, building new communities through dance.

Aomori Project was started in 2008 in response to the Arctic winter conditions of north Japan. Since this time it has existed in various forms, developing with a wide range of artists and performers. Each year a new narrative is formally composed and adapted to diverse casts, context and architecture.

In this next stage, with dancers Reina Kimura, Elena Jacinta, Agnese Lanza, Tsugaru teodori dancer Yoshiya Ishikawa, Tsugaru shamisen by Yuji and Yuso Hasegawa, minyo singer Kiyoko Goto and local guest performers, ‘Aomori, Aomori’ further explores a co-existence and independence between different art forms, formal and informal choreographic structures, surviving repetition, orientation and disorientation, tipping perspectives from vertical to horizontal; our bodies are of landscapes remembered.

There are three opportunities to connect with this special project at Chapter, Cardiff.

Sat 18th May 10am-5pm: Music and performance collaborative exchange event with master of Tsugaru shamisen Yuji Hasegawa and minyo singer Kiyoko Goto. Open to performers, musicians, sound artists, persons of any age or ability.

Wed 22nd May 10am-1pm: Dance exchange event with master of Tsugaru hand dance Yoshiya Ishikawa, choreographer Sioned Huws and company members. Open to any age or ability


Sat 25th May 7pm: Work in progress presentation event.


All events Free

6 - 25 May 2013
Chapter Arts Centre, Market Road, Cardiff CF5 1QE


Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff