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The Art of Gaman

3 - 27 October 2018, London

Only months before the Hiroshima bombing, Tomomi – a young Japanese woman – stands at the hull of a ship, staring across the water to her new American life. With dreams of Hollywood in her head and a crackling radio pulled to her chest, she drifts towards a country, and a future, that resists her arrival.


The Art of Gaman is an aching exploration of the displacement and loss of cultural identity that comes with being an outsider. When forgetting her past is shameful, but remembering it brings even greater pain, Tomomi must struggle to carve out a new life for herself that stays true to who she really is.


The play was one of 6 shortlisted for the American Playwriting Foundation’s  prestigious Relentless Award.


Ticket: From £5  

3-27 October 2018

Theatre503, 503 Battersea Park Road, London, SW11 3BW

Tel: 020 7978 7040