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Baroque Trio Sonatas  for recorder, oboe, gamba and harpsichord

27 April 2018, London

Hanseatic reflection
 ~Trio sonatas by Telemann, Handel, Linicke and others~


In this programme we focus on the 'Hanseatic connection' linking composers to cities along the Baltic coast in the 18th Century.


Naomi Okuda (recorder) 
Chris Hartland (oboe, recorder)
Jan Zahourek (viola da gamba)
Katarzyna Kowalik (harpsichord)


Booking: 020 7534 0710 (the Schott Music Shop) or on the door


Ticket: £15 (£12 for full time students)

Drinks will be served after the programme
Friday 27 April 2018 at 7.00pm

The Schott Music Shop, 48 Great Marlborough St., London W1F 7BB

Tel: 020 7534 0710 (the Schott Music Shop)


Naomi Okuda