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Mottomotto nite - Viva Sherry (JAPAN)

16 September 2017, Brighton site "Viva Sherry hail from Kyoto, Japan, and could be described as ‘prog pop’. It is definitely pop, but one that continuously surprises through its inclusions of unusual stylistic mixtures (jazz, metal, motown, chanson), time changes and the odd bit of musique concrète. As a live band, Viva Sherry are equally mindblowing: Sato (synthesizer, vocals) and Himeco (xylophone, drums) really manage to recreate their complex sound, often playing several instruments simultaneously."

krautrock/electronic/funky support by3 bands
London legends Now 
great local band Alskar Nu 
and the house band of these events in association with Brighton Freakzone MoonDrive71

VJ'd by Masato Tokumar "Autodidact", who started to develop his practice by shooting the surrounding of Kagoshima with SD interlaced tape video. Seeking to play with landscapes sequences and light geometry his works evolved when he learned the use of VJing software. He started then to collect sequences on the web he would remix in real time with his own previously made and real time shooting sequences. By layering found footage of anime, international news, documentaries he manages to inject in different venues his own personal interrogations. Using sometimes several cameras and projectors, he’s recreating a world where music and video can be support of psychedelic experiences.



Admission: £4 to ben...efit the Cowley Club

16 June 2013, 3pm
Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton, BN1 4JA