Art & Design

Dance “Japan”

21- 25 August 2018, Edinburgh

Yoshitaka Europe Tour 2018 Dance “Japan” in UK, Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Based on the painting Akita no Gyoji by Tsuguharu Foujita (1937), Yoshitaka fuses the Japanese folk elements of Namahage, Hanekawa Kenbayashi and Akita Nikatabushi to create a new expression of Japan. Performed with Japanese traditional clothing and equipment such as Montsuki-Hakama, Hanui, Namahage mask, Katana and Sensu, Japanese traditional culture and folk arts are united with fast and furious footwork and improvised expression of UK jazz dance. Let yourself be transported through dance, music, culture and the taste of Japan. Small pieces of Sake and Iburi Gakko (traditional smoked pickles) will be served during the interval.

Ticket: £10

21 - 25 August 2018

Greenside @Infirmary Street - Forest Theatre, 6 Infirmary Street, EH1 1LT

Yoshitaka Suzuki