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Ensemble Canon Concert     “ Voices of Flowers“

24 March 2019, London

Ensemble Canon アンサンブル花音, 4 popular musicians from Japan, KazukoNakahama中濱加津子/ Toshiko Matsudaira 松平季子(Sop.),Yoko Yokoyama横山陽子 (Mez.),Yoshiko Toyonaga豊永佳子 (Piano) will entertain with Japanese songs in praise of Love and Nature followed by European songs particularly popular in Japan, including 'The Mikado'. Many previous delightful performances at Burgh House Hampstead.

In the Part One, mainly Japanese songs loved by the Japanese have been chosen.
Many of the Japanese poets have employed ‘Nature’ as their poems’ theme.

They have sung about changes of Nature, comparing man’s life with transforming Nature. Their poems depicting the pictures in their mind have strongly attracted the Japanese. 
“Cherry Blossom”(Traditional),“Narayama Hill”(K.Hirai) etc.

In the first half, we will sing Japanese songs about ‘Nature and Love’, and in the second half, trios from the enjoyable opera “Mikado”


In the Part Two, we chose the famous European songs whose theme is ‘love’ and which the Japanese have loved and sung,

“Auf Fluegeln des Gesanges” (F.Mendelssohn)
Chanson d’Orkenise (F.Poulenc)  etc.


When Japan opened its door to the world in the middle of the 19th century after 300 years of national isolation, the Japanese met European culture.  Concerning Music, they came into contact with western music and it greatly appealed to them.  Now 150 years have passed since the opening of Japan.  These songs born in Germany, France or Austria have fascinated the Japanese people and now they love and sing them.

admission fee: £9

24 March 2019

Burgh House, New End Square, Hampstead, London, NW3 1LT

Tel: 020-7431-0144


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