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Ensemble Canon Song Concert: Voices of  Flowers

20 August 2017, London

 A special Summer Concert and an opportunity to hear a Japanese Trio perform both Japanese and Western songs. 


Ensemble Canon (Canon means “Flower Sound” in Japanese) is a vocal ensemble consisting of 2 singers: soprano Toshiko Matsudaira, mezzo soprano Yoko Yokoyama, and pianist Yoshiko Toyonaga. The group’s 2001 concert in London, supported by a grant from the Japan Foundation, was well received showcasing the beauty of Japanese song. 2017 sees their 8th visit to London.


Ensemble Canon holds concerts in the UK to contribute towards the mutual understanding between the UK and Japan.  They sing Japanese songs; selection including art songs, lyrical songs, folk songs and also European beloved songs including works by Mendelssohn, Brahms, Schumann, Debussy and Rutter.


At the concerts, a British actress K.Fernald will read English translations of the Japanese songs to the audience. She will also talk about the cultural background of the works. We are sure that she will give a deeper understanding to the audience.  


This project is supported by The Tana Trust (Charity No 268534) in London and the beneficiary of the proceeds is Keats Community Library (Charity No1146702)


Ensemble Canon was organized in 2000 in Osaka.  It is a vocal ensemble consisting of three Japanese musicians – Toshiko Matsudaira soprano, Yoko Yokoyama mezzo soprano, and Yoshiko Toyonaga pianist.  The singers are principals with the Osaka Light Opera Company and Kobe Opera Company.  Yoshiko Toyonaga, the pianist, served a leading function in performing operas as a repetitris and gets high evaluation from many conductors and performers.  Ensemble Canon is very popular in Japan because of its extensive repertoire and vividly staged performances. In 2001 Ensemble Canon performed concerts titled “Japanese Songs” at Burgh House in London and at Finchcocks Musical Museum in Kent. It was invited by The Tana Trust and supported by a grant from The Japan Foundation,  The group held seven subsequent concerts at the same venues in London and in Kent since that time, showcasing the beauty of Japanese songs in London and in Kent.


Programme: Japanese songs

・Spring Haze             K. Hirai      Duet
・From“The Hundred Poems  by One Hundred Poets”  K. Nobutoki 
Color of the Flower
Between Awaji and the Shore  
   In the peaceful Light                  Yoko
・Plover R. Hirota 
・Kaya Tree Mountain         K. Yamada 
・Red Spider Lily           K. Yamada      Toshiko
・Kujukuri-beach           K. Hirai        Yoko
・The Bush Warbler          M. Kinoshita 
・Kompira Fune Fune         K. Hirai        Duet


European Songs
・All Things bright and beautiful        J. Rutter 
・Maiglöckchen und die Blümelein 
・Gruß F.Medelssohn    Die Schwestern  J. Brahms      Duet
・Röselein, Röselein!   
 Widmung               R.Schumann    Toshiko
・From“Cinq Poemes de Baudelaire”  
 Le Jet d’eau  
 Le Balcon               C. Debussy 
・From Operetta ”L’amour Masque”  
 J’ai deux amants            A.Messager   Yoko
・From Operetta ”Wiener Blut”

 Grüss dich Gott, Du liebes Nesterl!        J.Strauss   Toshiko
・The Prayer               D.Foster     Duet

Museum admission fee  £8.00

20 August 2017, 18.30pm

Burgh House, New End Square, Hampstead, London, NW3 1LT

Tel: 0207 431 1266


The Tana Trust, Keats Community Library