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The Green Chorus 26th Annual Concert at St John’s Wood Church

28 June 2014, London

The Green Chorus is a Japanese women’s choir formed more than 30 years ago in Golders Green, London. Hence comes the name the Green Chorus.


Following this year’s memorial concert (12th March at St Dunstan-in-the-West) for the sufferers of the Great East Japan Earthquake, The Green Chorus is presenting “Japanese Four Seasons in Vivaldi’s View” Arranged by Takatomi Nobunaga in Japanese at their 26th Annual Concert.


Programme includes:
Traditional folk songs and children’s play songs
English Madrigals as well as Western music by Handel and Brahms

Conductor : Mikiko Ridd
Piano :  Noriko Sekiya
Violin : Haru Sekiya


Entrance cost: Free

28 June 2014, 4.00pm

St John’s Wood Church, Lord’s Roundabout, London NW8 7NE
The Green Chorus  (Nippon Club)