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Kabuki featuring Ebizo Ichikawa XI

4-15 June 2010, London

Kabuki superstar Ebizo Ichikawa XI returns to Sadler’s Wells following his hugely acclaimed performances in 2006. He brings with him both long tradition, as a direct descendant of the 17th cenutry Ichikawa acting dynasty, and a thoroughly modern glamour that has helped win new audiences for this riveting and highly stylised art form.


The programme is taken from the epic play Yoshitune Sembon Zakura (Yoshitsune and the Thousand Cherry Trees), in which Ebizo – together with over 40 distinguished actors and musicians – gives a virtuosic display of Kabuki stagecraft. He takes on the dual role of Yoshitstune’s loyal retainer and the enigmatic fox spirit, performing the dazzling sequence of stage tricks that has made this one of the most popular works in all of Kabuki.


Presented by Askonas Holt and Sadler's Wells, produced by Shochiku


Programme :
Fushimi inari torii mae (“Before the Torii Gate at the Inari Fox Shrine at Fushimi”) Act 2, Scene 1

Yoshinoyama (“The Journey to Mt. Yoshino”), Act 4, Scene 1


Kawatsura Hogen yakata no ba (“The Mansion of Kawatsura Hogen”), Act 4, Scene 2 


Tickets: £12 - £52

© Shochiku Kabuki
4-15 June 2010

Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Rosebery Avenue, London EC1R 4TN

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