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Koto Summer School & Concert

24-30 July 2010, London

Dr Ayako Hotta-Lister has been teaching, performing and giving lectures & workshops in worldwide in order to introduce genuine traditional Japanese music.  She plays classic pieces with poem singing as well as modern, solely instrumental pieces. She will teach the basic skill of the koto music at the Summer School.


1)Summer School:  25 - 28 July 2010  (four full days)

Venu : Royal Academic Of Music
Marylebone Road, London NW1 5HT


2) Seminaríž26 July 2010 17:30 - 18:30
Topic: Music & Nature
 Venue : Royal Academic Of Music
3) Concert : 30 July 2010 7:45 pm
Venu : Purcell Room South Bank
Classics (incl. one accompanied by a poem singing)
Modern pieces (incl. 'The night rain in London' by Miyagi)


Further information and an application
For the concert


Fees:£128 Conc.: £115.00
(incl. registration, all tuition, a seminar and a Summer Schoolconcert)

N.B. An application before 21 May will get £10 discount.
For renting a koto, £10 per day. 


Seminar only: £5.00
Concert only: £12.00 (£6.00 Concession)
25-30 July 2010

as above


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