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Kyomai Inoue-ryu Meeting in Britain: Poetry as Dance

1 December 2018, London & 3 December 2018, Edinburgh

A unique event featuring the 17th-century Kyoumai Inoue Ryu dance form Kyoto 'First time that a Kyo Mai Inoue Ryu Master and Living National Treasure will perform outside Japan'.

The idea is to create a concentrated space where a series of dances and music of the Shamisen, will offer the audience an uplifting experience by the performance’s elegance and its cultural inheritance. The final talk will aim to stimulate interaction and information with the common axis point reflection and knowledge.


Japanese traditional dance such as Noh Mai and Kabuki has a long history and fame in Europe. Although Europeans can have a good general knowledge of many traditional Japanese performance arts, still little is known about one of the most prestigious and sophisticated Kamigata-mai dances, which was initially developed in Kyoto called Kyo Mai.

Kyo Mai developed in the 17th century Tokugawa cultural period. It is heavily influenced by the elegance and sophistication of the manners often associated with the Imperial Court in Kyoto. Due to this, the Kyo Mai is always related to the beauty of the Japanese Imperial Court. One of the reasons for this project is due to part of six years of my research on the distinct form of traditional Kyoto Dance, or Kyo Mai.

Event Idea

The idea has emerged as a result of a crisis between language and visual replicability that the graceful dance manners manifest— as dance manners can only be more fully understood when experienced by seeing the dance. This event is a unique and extraordinary opportunity, as for the first time, a Kyo Mai Master and Living National treasure have agreed to perform outside Japan.

The event aims to present an enlightened, educative, environment to come face to face with the elegance of the Kyo Mai, with a specific interest in and focus on the process of the ‘unspoken-unwritten- experience’ that the dance stimulates via the unique dance style.



The event will begin with a dance performance from Yasuko Inoue's dance. Following her dancing, a short documentary will be shown to elaborate on the ancient dance and provide a brief history of this performing art. Finally, ‘National Living Treasure', Inoue Yachiyo V dance.


Both of the dances will have musical accompaniment, provided by Shamisen (a traditional Japanese stringed instrument) and Koto players and other accompaniment music. Therefore lovers of traditional Japanese music are also sure to enjoy the event.


This is a rare opportunity to see a traditional performance art of this calibre outside of Japan, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity.


Tickets for the event are free. However, we advise to book them in advance. For more details, please see the links below:

Entrance: Free


1 & 3 December 2018

LONDON : Rudolf Steiner House | 35 Park Road | Hazel Drive | NW1 6XT
EDINBURGH : Pleasance One | 60 Pleasance | EH8 9TJ

Dannie De Fazio