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Madam Butterfly Returns

4 - 22 November 2015, London

Set thirty years after the end of the iconic Puccini Opera, Mme. Butterfly's son, Tomisaburo, has journeyed to America in the hope of meeting his father for the first time. However, B. F. Pinkerton, now Governor of Georgia is seeking re-election so he leaves Tomisaburo waiting in the entrance hall for three days… 

Inspired by the Noh Theatre tradition of Japanese story telling, dance and masks. Michael Finnissy’s new score responds to themes from Puccini. Although the focus is on the crisis between son and absent father, Butterfly is an inevitable presence in their struggle. Features live singing and orchestra.


Starring Ignacio Jarquin
Composer Michael Finnissy
Librettist and Playwright Andrew G Marshall


Ticket: £12-£18

4 - 22 November 2015

Landor Theatre, 70 Landor Rd, London, SW9 9PH



Ignacio Jarquin Productions in association with Aria Entertainment Ltd