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Noh Theatre: A Practical Introduction

9 & 10 March 2013, London

This immersive two-day workshop, led by Richard Emmert, will introduce participants to the rich and ancient Japanese classical noh theatre form. Noh is one of the oldest continually performed theatre styles in the world, and combines dance, chant, music, mask, costumes and traditional narratives in a powerful and stately performance.


The workshop will focus on the musical and movement aspects of noh performance. Using excerpts from classic noh plays, participants will develop their vocal and movement skills and begin to establish an understanding of the form through guided practical sessions, demonstrations, and screenings.


Musically, participants will be introduced to the  noh ensemble instruments and their notation, timing and pitch relationships. Voice training will explore the different ways in which the noh Actor’s voice is produced and how it blends with that of the Chorus. Participants will also learn the fundamental kata (movements) of noh dance. Through practical sessions, they will explore how the power and intensity of noh movement is produced within the actor's body.


Noh Performance: An Introduction is run in association with Noh Training Project UK, and will give participants a taste of what to expect on our main summer workshop, which will be held for the third year running in August-September 2013, at Reading University.


Fee: £100 (15% discount if booked before 31st January), concessions available

9 & 10 March 2013

Regents College, Regents Park, London, NW1

Noh Training Project UK