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Hibiki Ensemble − An Evening of Traditional and Contemporary Japanese Music

28 October 2017, Oxford

A rare opportunity to hear a variety of Japanese classical and contemporary compositions for koto, shamisen, shakuhachi and voice in the intimate setting of Richard Benson Hall, Oxford, performed by the Hibiki Ensemble.

The Hibiki Ensemble was formed in 2003 by two musicians who taught Japanese music at SOAS, Keiko Kitamura and Michael Soumei Coxall.


Keiko Kitamura was born in Fukuyama, Hiroshima prefecture and her early years were spent studying koto, shamisen and vocals under the tutelage of her aunt Kyoko Kitamura, an Ikuta School grand master. She is now based in the UK and has worked extensively with a variety of traditional Japanese and contemporary Western musicians and has performed at the London Olympics, BT River Of Music, Glastonbury Festival, Ronnie Scotts and Kings Place, as well as appearing on BBC Radio 3. Her koto composition won an award at the Miyagi Michio Memorial Contest 2014 in Japan and she is a member of Tomoko Sunazaki’s Soudo Ongakuin. 


Michael Soumei Coxallstudied shakuhachi in Japan for many years under the legendary Kinko-ryu master and Living Cultural Treasure, the late Yamaguchi Goro, and was awarded his shakuhachi ‘Master Licence’ in 2007 and the professional name ‘Soumei’.
Michael taught full-time at SOAS, University of London for over 20 years and has performed widely in the UK and Europe as well as in Japan including performances at The National Theatre in Tokyo. He is also the founder member of the ‘London Hogaku Ensemble’ and is a member of the Chikumeisha-kai.


Tickets :£10 (inc. refreshments)

28 October 2017
Richard Benson Hall, St Mary & St John Church, 276 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1UR

E-mail: mc9@soas.ac.uk


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