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Japanese Buddhist chant workshop with Junko Ueda

11-12 July 2015, London

Taught by Junko Ueda. In addition to its continuing spiritual significance, shomyo (Japanese Buddhist chant) has, for nearly a millennium, been a source of vocal techniques and notation styles for other Japanese musics, including Noh theatre, narrative genres and folk songs. You will learn the importance in shomyo of the body, breath control, vocal quality and projection. Suitable for beginners; no Japanese language necessary.

Junko Ueda (see is a recognised master of both shomyo and the lute-accompanied satsuma-biwa tradition (which she will also demonstrate). She studied Buddhist chanting with Tendai School master Koshin Ebihara, and has collaborated with such artists as cellist Yo-Yo Ma and composer Jean-Claude Eloy. Her CD Heike Monogatari (VDE-Gallo) received several prizes including the Grand Prix du Disque, Académie Charles Cros.


While in London, Junko will also give two concerts and a lecture-demonstration of satsuma-biwa; see 8 & 10 July for details.



Course fee: Day 1 £35 (concs £30), Day 2 £25 (concs £20). N.B. Day 2 can only be booked if you also book Day 1 OR if you attended Junko’s previous workshop at SOAS in March 2014. To book, go to:


11-12 July 2015, 11am-5pm
SOAS (University of London) Thornhaugh Street, London WC1H 0XG


SOAS, University of London