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Around the World in 30 Days: An evening of Japanese music

18 March 2011, London

Around the World in 30 Days : a month of events celebrating World Music, showcasing the impressive variety of UK-based performers, including several from London's School of Oriental and African Studies and from leading conservatoires around the globe.


Friday 18th March 2011
An evening of Japanese music featuring a Shakuhachi performance followed by an musical offering from Okinawa


SOAS PhD researcher Joe Browning will play several traditional pieces on the shakukachi bamboo flute, demonstrating a variety of different techniques and styles, ranging from austere and meditative through more melodic music to rough and explosive sounds. He will also explain something of the historical background of these pieces and draw attention to particular musical features.

Members of the London Okinawa Sanshinkai will then complement Joe’s offerings with performances of traditional and neo-traditional songs and dances from Okinawa.

Okinawan music has captured the interest and involvement of such non-Japanese musicians as Ry Cooder, Richard Thompson and Talvin Singh. The London Okinawa Sanshinkai includes Okinawans, other Japanese and non-Japanese who have lived in those southern islands.


This concert features as part of The Gallery Cafe's Around the World in 30 Days,.

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Admission: £5 for the concert

18 March 2011 and other events throughout March
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