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Neriya kanaya: The Roots of Beyond

4 June 2015, Norwich

The Japanese avant-garde collective Eggore and the painter-performer Tesshu present an energetic live painting and music performance to delve into an ancient future: a sense of the world as it once was, and one day may be.


Inspired by the Japanese contemporary dance tradition of butoh, Eggore explore a range of human emotions and a sense of common humanity through dance-painting performance. In complete darkness, a meandering beat and mesmerizing sounds accompany the gradual emergence of the painting, drawing us into a world beyond: neriya kanaya, a realm known to the inhabitants of some of the southernmost islands of Japan. Thus a story unfolds in front of the eyes of spectators, revealing a sense of connection and ceaseless flow, building bridges between the past and the future, binding together an ancient human passion for storytelling and contemporary forms of expression.


Painter: Tesshu
Musicians: Kenichiro Tsukiyama and Aki-ra Sunrise


Watch EGGORE meet HiraLion in live paint “MICHIRUTO”


Admission Free, but Booking is essential. Book Online Here or email: sisjac@sainsbury-institute.orgor phone: 01603 597507


Entry cannot be guaranteed after 6.30pm. Please note that if reserved seats are not claimed by 6.20pm they may be re-allocated.
4 June 2015, 6.30 - 7.30pm
The Garage, 14 Chapel Field North, Norwich NR2 1NY
Tel: 01603 597507


Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures