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The Art of English and Japanese Songs by St.George’s Sunday Recital Series

7 November 2010, London

Saori Nakazawa, soprano, and Diana Wright, piano, perform traditional Folk & Art songs from Japan and UK.

Saori is a Japanese language teacher in London and also a classically trained singer. She has recently finished teaching Japanese at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden for its Japan Tour in September 2010. Saori sings regularly as a cantor in masses, weddings and baptisms at St. George’s Church. Since 2007, she has given several solo concerts in central London and has been singing Japanese songs to a British audience. The Songs of Japan concert on 8th November 2009 had the biggest audience for the St. George’s Sunday Recital Series in the year.



 Oboro-zukiyo by Teiichi Okano
 Hana by Rentaro Taki
 Kojo no Tsuki by Rentaro Taki
 Natsu no Omoide by Yoshinao Nakata
 Chiisai Aki mitsuketa by Yishinao Nakata
 Nanatsu no Ko by Ujo Noguchi
 Chinchin-Chidori by Hidemaro Konoe
 Nemunoki no Komoriuta - Poem by Empress Michiko of Japan

The Daisies by Samuel Barber
Drink to me only with thine eyes by Ben Jonson
Linden Lea by R.Vaughan Williams
Over the Mountains (Old English Melody)
Bless This House by Helen Taylor


This concert is sponsored by International House London

For Saori’s profile and more information, please visit,220,ART.html
Sunday, 7 November 2010, 4pm
St.George‘s Church, Bloomsbury Way  London WC1A 2HR

Tel:020 7242 1979

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