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Solomon Piano Quintet at the International Concert Series

16 February 2019, London

Solomon Piano Quintet
Tadasuke Iijima, violin
Ayako Yamazaki, violin
Yohei Nakajima, viola
Matthew Strover, cello
and Yuki Negishi, piano

Joaquin Turina Serenata Op.87 (string quartet)
Gregers Brinch Piano Quintet ‘Human Reflections’ Op.78 (2003)
Enrique Granados Piano Quintet in G minor Op.49


Johannes Brahms Piano Quintet in F minor Op.34

Tickets can be purchased here:
Cost: £12 - £20
The Solomon Piano Quintet was launched in 2018 formed of a group of London-based musicians, all soloists in their own right. The name ‘Solomon’ came to the group as if by magic from heaven, relating to the wisdom and strength of the King with its name and inspiring their musical journey thus far and beyond. This concert marks the quintet’s first year of several appearances in London, and are very honoured to be premiering the celebrated composer Gregers Brinch’s haunting Piano Quintet alongside Spanish works and the mighty Brahms Quintet in F minor.

16 February 2019, 19.30pm

Steiner Hall, Rudolf Steiner House

International Concert Series