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Uniting the World through Songs and prayer for Great East Japan Earthquake

11 March 2014, London

Uniting the world through songs of prayer 

United Kingdom, Spain, Japan (East Japan – Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima) – Praying together in Commemoration of the Third Memorial Service for Great East Japan Earthquake  

This year marks the third anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake which unleashed its catastrophic tremor precisely at 2:45PM on 11th March 2011 (JST) in East Japan.  Under the initiation of Mr Kenzo Takada (Japanese fashion designer and founder of KENZO) this year’s memorial service anticipates to reach out and connect the United Kingdom, Spain and Japan through a single real time silent prayer and songs.

On 11th March 2014 at 2:45PM (which will be 11th March 2014 5:46AM GMT), our memorial service will be linked via live transmission with the following global locations: London, Coria del Río in Spain, Chusonji Temple in Iwate Prefecture (Japan), Aoba Castle in Miyagi Prefecture (Japan) and Nakamura Shrine in Fukushima Prefecture (Japan) and together we will be in a silent prayer for those whose lives have been impacted by the earthquake.  The live broadcasting is made possible by the generous support of NTT Europe.

As we will be aiming to begin the silent prayer at the exact time when the earthquake impacted East Japan, it will be an early memorial service in London and we hope to offer our prayers and support to those who continue to live in the areas affected by the earthquake.  We hope that memorial services such as ours will offer comfort and encouragement to those who are continuing to feel the devastating effects of the earthquake and to assist with a faster reconstruction of East Japan.  There is no entrance fee for the memorial service and we hope that as many people as possible will be able to join us in our quiet prayers for the victims of Great East Japan Earthquake.

Why not sing with us to send across our prayers through songs across the world?  This memorial service offers the opportunity for you to participate as part of our choir so if you are interested in singing with us at the memorial service, please get in touch with us and we will provide you with further details.  


Admission Free of charge

11 march 2014, 5:46am

St. Marks Church, 114 Hamilton Terrace London NW8 9UT



Joji Hirota and Hokusai Orchesrea London