Art & Design

Urashima Taro

30 October 2011, London

Inspired by Japanese mythology and aesthetics, ‘Urashima Taro’ fuses stunning visuals with human size Bunraku-style puppets and Kamishibai -a traditional Japanese form of paper theatre - the origin of Manga. Video projection, shadow play, puppetry and the actor combine to tell this fascinating story of lust, betrayal and loss.

In return for saving a turtle, a poor young fisherman, Urashima Taro, is invited by the mysterious and captivating Lady Otohime, to stay in her palace under the sea. Promises of a life of eternal pleasure slowly turn into a nightmare as Urashima Taro’s fate unfolds.


Ticket: £12 / £10

30 October 2011

Pleasance Theatre, Carpenter Mews, North Road N7 9EF

Tel: 07764950579


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