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Viva Japan

21 May 2011, London

PFlamenco fund raising event on the 21st May at 5pm for the Tsunami in Japan.  We have flamenco dancers, singers and muscians. 

Escuela de Baile is hosting a fund raising event to support the Japanese people in recovering from the tsunami and earthquake disasters in March of this year. Students will perform, supported by our talented musicians and teachers. With thanks and love to our Japanese friends who are so very much a part of flamenco in London, please give us your support!


This show is with some of the best flamenco artists in Europe.  We have the best dancers, guitarist and singers involved in this spectacular show.


Admission: £10

21 May 2011

Haverstock school, Haverstock hill opposite chalk farm station

Tel: 020 8905 4554


Escuela de Baile