Art & Design

When Sumer meets Japan

14 February 2018, London


We have performed “Inanna’s Descent into the Netherworld” already six times by now (another coming soon). It is one of the oldest existing myths in the world, recorded in Sumerian cuneiform scripts. Our performance (Sumerian and Japanese combined) is based on the world’s oldest theatrical format “Noh music”.

In performing the myth that is also the script of the sacred festival play, the format of “Noh music” which preserves ancient ceremonial elements in full colour is very suitable. Since Sumerian language is very close to Japanese in grammar, its compatibility with Japanese songs “utai” and narratives “katari” is very good. That is why our performance has been in the original language of the myth.

Received long-term subsidy from Arts Council Tokyo, we hav already performed this myth for three years since2015 as the Inanna Project. All the past six performances were very successful with no vacant seat. In the UK and Lithuania, we will perform as the culmination of what we have cultivated so far.

We are planning to perform in Britain and Lithuania as two different productions. In performance in UK, we will push the “Noh-play” elements to the front. We perform it as artworks, with the performers being limited in number(this format will be performed at Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre in June 23rdthis year).In performance in Lithuania, by adding an electronic musician and hip-hop dancers, we will perform it as a more popular work (this format was performed at Cerulean Tower Noh Theatre in December last year).


Admission: £15 / Concession £8

14 February 2018, 19.00
Chancellor’s Hall, Senate House, University of London, Malet Street, LONDON WC1E 7HU