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Japanese Avant-garde and Experimental Film Festival: Bodies

JAEFF 2021: Bodies explores how we interact with other beings, spaces around us, and how expressions of the unutterable become vital means of communication and connection.

This third edition of the Japanese Avant-garde and Experimental Film Festival, organised in partnership with the Japan Foundation London, considers the body and sensation, and features work from directors Kon Ichikawa, Toshio Matsumoto, Susumu Hani, Chiaki Nagano, Takahiko Iimura, Tatsumi Kumashiro, Shuji Terayama, among others.

Inspired by the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, the lockdown, and a loss of "truth," JAEFF 2021: Bodies presents a line-up of features and shorts that examine the body triumphant, and the body in crisis – through dance, performance, sport, exercise, and more.

Programme line-up:
Nanami: The Inferno of First Love + A.I. Mama
Thursday, 16 September from 18:00 (BST)
Barbican Cinema

Portrait of Mr O + Anma + Rose Color Dance + In Passing
Friday, 17 September from 18:00 (BST)
Barbican Cinema and on-demand

Mr O’s Book of the Dead + Navel and A-Bomb + Dual Enframe
Saturday, 18 September from 15:00 (BST)
Barbican Cinema and on-demand

Boxer + Transparent, the world is.
Saturday, 18 September from 17:50 (BST)
Barbican Cinema and on-demand

Lovers are Wet
Saturday, 18 September from 20:30 (BST)
Barbican Cinema

Panel Discussion: Japan’s Cinematic Body
Sunday, 19 September from 11:00 (BST)
Barbican Cinema

Nippon Express Carries the Olympics to Tokyo + Record of a Marathon Runner + Tokyo Story
Sunday, 19 September from 13:20 (BST)
Barbican Cinema and on-demand

Tokyo Olympiad
Sunday, 19 September from 16:00 (BST)
Barbican Cinema and on-demand

Please note on-demand films will be available online until 30 September 2021.



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