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Access + Ability in the Arts, Design & Technology Reopening 26 October

With Japan hosting the Paralympic Games this year, the world’s attention has been on disability. The exhibition Access + Ability in the Arts, Design & Technology highlights the people, programmes and products that change the way we think about access for all in the arts and in everyday life.

Featured in the exhibition are British arts organisations ExtantGraeae Theatre Company and Intoart and their recent interactions with Japan and collaborations with Japanese artists.

Ceramicist IWAMOTO Ikuko and architect YAMANAKA Akira, both based in the UK, show the importance of incorporating a broad-minded approach to design by explaining how their work has become more inclusive.

In a special project with the Japanese Gallery Kensington to show the possibilities of reformatted art, UCL Mechanical Engineering has transformed a woodblock print by artist KANEKO Kunio into 3D art.

Visitors to the exhibition will also see how craftsman MIYABO Katsuyuki and inventor MIYAKE Seiichi have helped to improve the lives of disabled people.

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