Bullet train heading towards camera at track height

Screening: Tōkaidō Shinkansen

In conjunction with the exhibition Tokyo 1964: Designing Tomorrow, Japan House London is delighted to invite all Japanese language speakers to two free public screenings of a rare documentary showing the construction process of the first shinkansen, from the start of the works to its inauguration in October 1964.

The short film documents the most important footsteps of the construction of the iconic ‘Series 0’ Shinkansen train from April 1959 to 1 October 1964 when the New Main Line was inaugurated just before the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games, providing a rare glimpse in the construction process and engineering prowess that made it possible.

Please note that the screening is in Japanese only, with no English subtitles. Duration: 50 minutes.

開催中の展覧会「東京 1964 明日へのデザイン 」に合わせ、東海道新幹線が1964年10月の開業に至るまでの建設過程を描いた映画、「東海道新幹線」の無料上映会を、日本語話者の皆様に向けて、Japan House Londonにて2回に渡り実施します。



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