150th anniversary of the arrival of the ‘Choshu Five’ in the UK

The ‘Choshu Five’ were members of the Choshu clan in western Japan who secretly left the country during the turbulent times toward the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate. These five departed from Yokohama in May 1863 and arrived in the UK that November. This year, 2013, thus marks the 150th anniversary of their journey. Read more about the 'Choshu Five'.

Various events have been arranged in both the UK and Japan to commemorate this anniversary and we will be regularly updating this page with more information about the 'Choshu Five' and related events.

Events in the UK  Events in Japan

Leaflet produced by Hagi City Tourism Section (PDF)

Who were the Choshu Five?

Hirobumi Ito

The Father of the Japanese Constitution & Parliamentary Government in Japan

Kaoru Inoue

The Father of Modern Japanese Diplomacy

Yozo Yamao

The Father of Japanese Engineering

Japan Matters public lecture on Yozo Yamao (19 July, Glasgow)

Masaru Inoue

The Father of Japanese Railways

Kinsuke Endo

The Father of the Modern Japanese Mint

Public Seminar - The Japan Mint and the Royal Mint: A History of Exchange
Japan Mint International Coin Design Competition (ICDC) 2013