UK-Japan Open Lecture Event “Epigenetics and transcription in the brain”

On 16 December 2014, the Embassy of Japan in the UK held an open lecture on brain research, which was co-sponsored by UK Science and Innovation Network, MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, UCL, RIKEN, RIKEN-BSI, Fluidigm, and JSPS.

Building upon the first successful UK-Japan neural epigenetics workshop in 2013 hosted by the British Embassy in Tokyo, this event was organised with a view to introduce recent findings in the UK and Japan in the exploration of the roles of epigenetics in brain function and disease.

A scientific workshop entitled “Epigenetics and transcription in the brain: toward single cell analysis” (etb2014.brain.riken.jp) was held at UCL prior to the open lecture event at the Japanese Embassy. The events were co-organised by Professor Paolo Salomoni (UCL cancer Institute), Professor Antonella Riccio (UCL/MRC LMCB) and Dr Adrian Moore (RIKEN BSI).

Both the UK and Japan have very strong research traditions in neuroscience and molecular biology. Cooperation between the UK and Japan to promote basic research in neuroepigenetic mechanisms and to leverage this knowledge into clinical settings is expected to have significant future benefits for society.

Professor Tony Kouzarides, Keynote Speech

Dr Tadafumi Kato, Keynote Speech


Dr Adrian Moore, Closing Remarks
*Photographs courtesy of UCL

The programme of the day was as follows:

1. Opening Remarks by Mr Hiroshi Matsuura, Minister (Economic), Embassy of Japan in the UK, and Mr Andrew Jackson, Head of Science, Innovation and Climate Department, Deputy Chief Scientific Advisor, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

2. Keynote speeches: 

● Professor Tony Kouzarides,
Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge
Epigenetic pathways and their misconduct in cancer’

● Dr Tadafumi Kato
, RIKEN Brain Science Institute
Epigenetics and mental disorders: from myth to evidence’

3. Closing Remarks by Dr Adrian Moore, RIKEN Brain Science Institute
The UK and Japan, creating a powerful partnership for brain research and brain health’

With the participation of over 90 researchers, government officials and business representatives of the UK and Japan, there were lively discussions, followed by the networking session for future cooperation. For more information, please refer to the lecture brief.





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