Japan-UK Joint Workshop on Life Science and Biomedical Engineering

On 3rd December 2015, the Embassy of Japan in the UK held the Japan-UK Joint Workshop on Life Science and Biomedical Engineering, building on the collaboration among the world leading universities such as Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), Imperial College London and University College London, together with the local government and the industry. This event was co-hosted by the Tokyo Tech, the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO), and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). With the aim of further promoting Japan-UK cooperation in the field of Biomedical Engineering, particularly in the development of biomedical devices, and equipment for bio-sensing and bio-imaging, speakers delivered cutting-edge presentations introducing recent research trends in Japan and the UK. This was followed by lively discussions regarding future possibilities and challenges.

The workshop highlighted the importance of further collaboration between our two countries in the field of biomedical engineering, in view of the keen wishes of our two ageing societies to integrate engineering sciences with biomedical sciences and clinical practice, and to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

The programme of the day was as follows:

Opening remarks

Mr Hiroshi Matsuura, Minister, Embassy of Japan in the UK

Mr John McKinley, CEO, Precision Medicine Catapult

Mr John McKinley, CEO, Precision Medicine Catapult

Session 1  Efforts towards innovation from clusters in Japan and the UK

Ms Sarah Haywood, Chief Operating Officer of MedCity

Mr Kentaro Yamaguchi, Bureau for promoting "Healthcare New Frontier", Kanagawa prefectural government, Japan

Ms Sarah Haywood

Mr Kentaro Yamaguchi

Session 2  Latest trends and future of biomedical sensing and imaging in Japan and the UK

Prof. Quentin Pankhurst, University College London           
Biomedical Applications of Magnetic Nanoparticles’”

Prof. Tony Cass, Imperial College London
Engineering Nucleic Acid Aptamers for Healthcare Applications”

Prof. Eiry Kobatake, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Design of DNA-Protein Hybrid Molecules for Biosensing”

Dr. Adrien Desjardins, University College London
'Optical ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging for guiding minimally invasive procedures”

Prof. Sergei G. Kazarian , Imperial College London
Spectroscopic imaging for biomedical research”

Prof. Natsue Yoshimura, Tokyo Institute of Technology
The possibility of electroencephalography signals towards non-invasive brain-machine interfaces”

Session 3  Industrial Collaboration between Japan and the UK

Dr. Tommy Duncan, Touchlight Genetics Ltd.

Mr Anil Vaidya, Life-science Specialist, JETRO

Mr Matthew Lovatt and Mr Hiroshi Sheraton, Baker & Mckenzie

Q&A / Discussion:
Promoting innovation in Japan and the UK, and future investment


Closing Remarks
– Prof. Susumu Kajiwara, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Prof. Susumu Kajiwara




For more information, please refer to the seminar handout.

The Embassy of Japan