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Ikebana, Japanese Sake & Food Charity Event


On Tuesday 20 September, the Embassy of Japan and Hasegawa Saketen, a Japanese sake shop, co-hosted a charity event in aid of victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.


Ikenobo Ikebana also cooperated in this event. Mr. Showka Ishiwata, a distinguished flower artist, demonstrated the traditional Japanese art of Ikebana, such as the ancient flower arrangement ceremony of reishiki-ike, used in religious rites and to greet important guests for centuries, and rikka, one of the oldest, most elaborate and beautiful styles of Ikenobo.


Hasegawa Saketen brought a group of sake brewers from all over Japan and they provided guests their sake which they are proud of. Some of top Japanese restaurants and food shops also supported the event and guests enjoyed sushi and other Japanese traditional food at the event.



* Breweries and the prefectures they represented
Jokigen (Yamagata), Yonetsuru (Yamagata), Yamaotokoyama (Yamagata), Asamayama (Gunma), Isojiman (Shizuoka), Zaku (Mie), Ugo no Tsuki (Hiroshima), Toyo Bijin (Yamaguchi), Dassai (Yamaguchi), Mii no Kotobuki (Fukuoka), and Azumaichi (Saga)
Kanehachi (Oita) and Komaki (Kagoshima)



*Restaurants and food shops
Zuma, Roka, Mitsukoshi Restaurant, Cocoro Restaurant, Yashin Sushi, Oisi Restaurant, Hello Kitchen, and Sky Gourmet

Mr. Showka Ishiwata demostrates ikebana




Photos and movies focused on the survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake were displayed by Yet I Still Dare to Hope, a volunteer group in the UK. A video letter arrived from volunteers working at sake breweries in Miyagi and Iwate prefectures, and their messages were conveyed at the event.


Thanks to the contributions made by all involved and the warm support of participants, donations collected exceeded 3,500 pounds, all of which were transferred to the Japan Society Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund.

Guests enjoy food and sake tasting

Photographs by Saera Jin