Japan tops 2012 Country Ratings Poll as the most positively viewed country


24 May 2012

In a new 22-country global poll for BBC World Service, Japan has been rated in first place as the world's most positively viewed major nation, up from two points last year. The poll was conducted between 6 December 2011 and 17 February 2012 and 24,090 citizens across 22 countries were interviewed.

In the Country-by-Country Results, it was reported that:

"Japan is seen as having the most positive influence in the world among all countries evaluated, and views have improved slightly since 2011. On average, in the 21 tracking countries surveyed, 58 per cent of respondents hold positive views of Japan's influence (up from 56% in 2011).

In the EU countries surveyed, views of Japan's influence in the world are very positive overall. They have improved strongly in the UK and in France, where positive perceptions have gone up sharply (up 12 points to 70% in the UK, up 11 points to 66% in France) while negative perceptions have slipped (down 5 points to 24% in France, down 9 points to 17% in the UK)."

With regards to factors shaping perceptions of Japan:

"Of those who said the Japanese influence in the world is positive, a strong plurality of 47 per cent says it is because of Japan's economy, products, and services. Twenty-two per cent cite the Japanese traditions and culture.

You can find further information about the poll in full here (PDF).